A Writer Under Construction

At the risk of giving away the elixir that defines me, let me delve into why I write. Writing for a living did not happen by choice but by happy accident. The foundations to me getting here were laid in college where I graduated in English literature. A few years later, when I decided to do my master’s in English literature, I still didn’t have any great love for writing. A degree in literature was one of those things, I could easily accomplish while working in a full time job. So with very little forethought involved in my choices, my academic foundation ended up helping me build my career and my writing skills.

On Being Hit On the Head

Ouch!! Okay no physical violence happened, but getting into freelancing definitely felt like being hit on the head. Coimbatore in India isn’t a great city when you are looking for a job. With few good jobs available and peanuts as payment, working as full time employee in Coimbatore is definitely an ill paying challenge. I very soon found out that most people in this city just set up their own business, instead of working as an employee.

I literally decided to ape the locals and their spirit of private entrepreneurship and work as a freelancer. Working as a writer happened as I set up shop as a freelancer. I found I could actually write like a professional and get paid for it. After my light bulb moment has passed, writing became one of the skills I cultivated as a freelancer. Several projects and jobs later, here I am a full fledged writer looking to make a difference, and a few bucks along the way.

How Do I View Myself as a Writer?

Working as a freelance writer, I soon learnt to be versatile and creative. One hour, I could be writing a profile of a software company and the next describing a nutritional supplement. I love this journey that writing has taken me on. As it reflects the way in which I view myself; as an under construction human who is constantly changing.

How I Classify My Writing Style

Hit the road if you expect a set writing style from me. As with every other writer, my style of writing has changed over the years. So much so, as I work on different projects the tone and style of my writing changes. My ever changing writing style has consequently morphed into being one of the strengths of my writing.

Expect to read more about me, as I discover what I can and cannot do as a writer and as a fellow human. I welcome you to my world, and encourage you to leave by the wayside any wasteful thoughts, as I do not have time for them. I am too busy living life, viewing each challenge as an adventure and reinventing who I am brick by brick, word by word.