Biggest loser diet and Biggest Loser Diet Plan

Biggest loser diet is used by contestants participating in the TV show “The Biggest Loser”. Like most diets the biggest loser diet plan is based on calorie restriction. The biggest loser diet has become popular as several contestants have lost a lot of weight during each season of the TV show. Since then the biggest loser diet has been made available to the general public via a website where people can register for a fee and be guided through the biggest loser diet plan. Many people have lost weight by using the biggest loser recipes available on the biggest loser website. Some of the popular biggest loser recipes include biggest loser chicken Alfredo, Jillian Michaels Cranberry diet drink, Michelle Aguilar’s white wine chicken, strength builders stuffed mushrooms and Chocolate Kahlua Mousse Parfait.

Origin of the Biggest Loser Diet Plan

Biggest loser diet and biggest loser recipes originated with the TV show and was created by a team that included an obesity clinician, a dietician, a chef and weight loss trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels. When used by contestants on “The biggest Loser” TV show, this diet caused them to lose several pounds during the 12 week period. This led to the biggest loser diet becoming very popular as people could see people losing weight in a healthy fashion without depriving themselves of snacks like chocolate. As the popularity of the biggest loser diet increased several books were published about it.

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Overview of the Biggest Loser Diet Plan

Biggest loser diet is based on scientific principles and dieters are encouraged to eat unprocessed foods and whole foods.

  1. The biggest loser diet plan is designed to last for twelve weeks and people get to eat several small meals during the day.
  2. People who use the diet are encouraged to exercise and eat based on a 4-3-2-1 food pyramid plan which includes protein and carbohydrates. These meals are usually high in protein and fiber which result in people feeling fuller and satisfied.
  3. Biggest loser recipes include high quality protein and natural foods so that dieter’s nutritional needs are met.
  4. Pasta and bread are labeled as “appetite stimulants” and therefore removed from the plan.
  5. Exercise plays a big part in the biggest loser diet, and people workout for 30 minutes per day and this gradually increases to an hour or more.
  6. As part of the biggest loser diet plan, every day dieters can eat four servings consisting of fruits and vegetables, three servings of lean protein such low fat dairy, whole grains amounting to two servings and fats and sweets amounting to 200 calories.

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Health Benefits of the Biggest Loser Diet Plan

Biggest loser diet has several health benefits and these have been recognized by physicians and nutritionists alike. The biggest loser diet plan has even been endorsed by American diabetics association. However, some people point out that the carbohydrates and nutrients provided by the biggest loser recipes might be insufficient for daily activities. Therefore some doctors suggest that a multivitamin be added to the biggest loser diet as some people might require it.

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