Blood type diet and Blood Type Diet Plan

Blood Type 2

Blood type diet is based on the premise that each blood type in the human body reacts differently to food.  Specifically, the ABO blood type is supposed to react with lectins, and so the blood type diet plan is tailor made to reduce the interaction between lectins and these blood types.  Therefore, the blood type diet plan and blood type diet foods vary according to blood types. So dieters who want to follow the blood type diet need to research the foods allowed for their blood type and plan their meals accordingly.  There are several blood type diet foods and recipes that have become popular along with this plan. For example for the hunter blood group or blood type O, a blood type diet high in protein is recommended. So recipes recommended for this blood type include, Chicken Cacciatore, Herbed Cheese Ball, Portobello Pizza, Turkey Burgers and Apricot Raisin Muffins.

Chicken Cacciatore

Origin of the Blood Type Diet Plan

Blood type diet was first outlined in a book written by a naturopathic physician by the name of Peter D’Adamo. He created and promoted a different blood type diet plan for each of the O, B, A and AB blood types. Although D’Adamo has based the blood type diet on the work of various biochemists and biologists, it has never got the approval of any scientist or doctor and they have in fact stated that there is no scientific basis for the blood type diet plan or blood type diet foods.

Pizza med oksekød, portobello, gorgonzola og pinjekerner

Dietary Laws Governing the Blood Type Diet Plan

Blood type diet divides people into four groups:

  1. Hunter group: People with blood type O are supposed to be part of this group, and blood type diet foods rich in protein are recommend for this group. As this is supposed to be the oldest blood type which originated about 30,000 years ago.
  2. Cultivator Group: The people under this group have blood type A. This type is supposed to have originated with the advent of agriculture that is 20,000 years ago. People who fall under this group are advised to eat predominantly vegetarian blood type diet foods.
  3. Nomad Group: People in this group have blood type B, which is said to have originated about 10,000 years ago. Dairy products are advised as part of a blood type diet for this group, as they tolerate it well and they have are said to have a flexible digestive system.
  4. Enigma Group: This group is supposed to have evolved last, about 1000 years ago and have the blood type AB. The blood type diet plan for this group lies somewhere between the blood type diet of the cultivator group and nomad group.


Health Benefits of the Blood Type Diet Plan

Blood type diet and its efficacy have been criticized by many in the medical community as its benefits have never been verified by any clinical trials. The creator of the this diet has stated on many occasions that this diet is undergoing testing as part of a cancer trial but this statement has never been verified. However, the company run by the creator of this diet plan has stated that in its research conducted on the internet, many people experienced notable improvement in general health while using the blood type diet.

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