Body For Life Diet Plan

Body for life diet plan is based on the scientifically proven “energy balance” premise. This principle basically means, that if a person burns more calories than he consumes every day stored fat is used up and this results in weight loss. Since dieters are required to exercise, the body for life diet provides sufficient amount of calories and hence is not nutritionally deficient.  While on this plan, dieters have created the some popular recipes to help them enjoy their food. These are Chicken with Crunchy Vegetables, Egg-white pancakes, Curried Breast of Chicken with Pecans and Peppers, Balsamic Chicken and Garlic Grilled Lobster.

Body for Life

A box of fresh vegetables

Origin of Body for Life Diet

Body for life diet plan was created by Bill Phillips who founded a nutritional supplement company called EAS.  This diet plan provides a constant supply of energy and nutrients to the body which in turn causes the body to build muscle and also increases metabolism. Many of the principles used by body builders and body sculptors are incorporated into the body for life diet plan. The body for life diet has been featured in several books and it is claimed that over two million people have transformed their body and lost weight while on this diet.

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Orange Balsamic Chicken with Pecans and Sage Butter Pasta

Diet Plan Used During the Body for Life Diet

Body for life diet plan is governed by the following principles:

  1. It does not require rigorous calorie counting and measuring of foods
  2. Designed to last over twelve weeks, the body for life diet plan features intense exercise sessions combined with dieting.
  3. Five to six small meals are recommended instead of three big meals. These small meals can consist of fatless or low fat protein such as lean beef, chicken, or fish.
  4. As part of the body for life diet, vegetables can be consumed in unlimited quantity as they are considered to be low in calories and rich in nutrients.
  5. Using the body for life diet plan a dieter can expect to see gradual weight loss that is healthy and which can be sustained over the long term.

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Grilled lobster tails and asparagus AGAIN.

Health Benefits Provided by the Body for Life Diet

Body for life diet plan has helped many people lose weight and tone their body. As the body for life diet is based on hard scientific fact and no innuendo is involved people on the diet tend to stick with it, and finish it successfully. Importantly, in the body for life diet plan, even though portion sizes are kept to the minimum in meals dieters do not have to starve through the day and so don’t feel deprived. Also the exercise regime recommended by this plan is designed to burn excess fat and not muscle mass, so dieters usually have a firmer and better looking body at the end of 12 weeks.

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