Buttery Flavor

Buttery taste is coming back in vogue as people are discovering that butter is much better than processed bread spreads with unsaturated fat. Buttery flavor is derived from butter which can be of many types such as cultured butter, whipped butter or spreadable butter.  Buttery recipes and buttery food are extremely popular as butter is a great carrier of flavor. Especially fat soluble ingredients and flavors from spices, and vanilla work well with butter. Some popular recipes with butter include Butter Lobster Balls, Butter Corn Bread and Chocolaty Peanut Butter Bars.

Organic Valley Butter vs. Kroger Butter

Curled Butter

Origin of Buttery Food

Buttery taste and butter probably came into existence when sheep and goats were first domesticated. Butter can be made by churning milk in goat skin bag, and several countries in Africa still employ this ancient method of creating butter.

Butter Poached Lobster

Béchamel sauce

Popular Buttery Recipes

Buttery taste is used by many chefs when creating buttery food. Among them was Julia Child who claimed that anything could taste good if one had enough of butter. Butter is often used when making cakes, custards and sauces. This flavor is especially important when preparing sauces such as Bechamel. Butter is also used to provide the characteristic flavor for butterscotch which is often used in desserts.

Butter with corn bread

Peanut butter & chocolate cupcake, Jilly's Cupcake Bar, St. Louis

Health Implications of Buttery Food

Buttery flavored food and buttery recipes especially those with large amounts of butter in them are considered to be significant sources of cholesterol, which increases the chance of heart disease. However, some people believe that the fatty acids in butter could help prevent disease. Butter when included in food can help people feel full sooner, so sometimes dieters add a small amount to low calorie vegetables.

Peanut butter chocolate bar@EBO Restaurant

Cubrimos las Endivias con la Bechamel

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