Cabbage soup diet

Cabbage soup diet can best be described as one among many “fad diets” as it includes drinking large amounts of cabbage soup and often only results in short term weight loss. Additionally, the cabbage soup diet plan has long been criticized by the medical fraternity and nutritionists as an unhealthy weight loss option. However, in spite of all the negativity it is often used by people who want to lose weight fast. The crux of the cabbage soup diet involves cabbage soup and some fruits and vegetables which have to eaten on specific days. Dieters who adopt the cabbage soup diet plan can even consume up to 10 ounces of meat on day five and an unlimited amount on day six. This diet has resulted in many a cabbage soup diet recipe, some of which are cabbage soup Munich, cabbage soup Florence, cabbage soup Peking and cabbage soup Chanterelle.


History of the Cabbage soup diet Plan

Cabbage soup diet originated as faxlore, literally meaning it was an urban legend spread by people using fax machines. Since then the cabbage soup diet plan has acquired many new names, one among which is Military Cabbage Soup. Irrespective of the cabbage soup diet recipe followed or rumors associated with the soup, there is no hard evidence to show that this soup originated from any institution military or otherwise.

Laws Governing the Cabbage soup diet Plan

Cabbage soup diet is based on the central law of the cabbage soup diet plan, and that states that any amount of cabbage soup can be consumed in a day.

cabbage soup with meatball

Dietary Routine of Cabbage Soup Diet Plan

Cabbage soup diet outlines what has to be eaten on each day of the week. For instance as part of the cabbage soup diet the following food can be eaten:

  1. Day One:  Cabbage soup and fruit without including bananas
  2. Day Two: Cabbage soup and vegetables, this includes one potato baked in its jacket.
  3. Day Three: Cabbage soup accompanied with fruits and vegetables but no potatoes and bananas
  4. Day four: Cabbage Soup, up to eight bananas and skimmed milk
  5. Day Five: Cabbage soup, up to ten ounces of beef and six tomatoes
  6. Day Six: Cabbage soup with unlimited amount of beef and vegetables but no potatoes
  7. Day Seven: Cabbage soup, brown rice and vegetables but no potatoes

Cabbage Soup

Health Benefits of a Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe

Cabbage soup diet has limited health benefits but a good cabbage soup diet recipe can make this diet interesting and fun and most importantly effective. In fact a good cabbage soup diet recipe is vital to the cabbage soup diet because otherwise it can soon become monotonous.  When choosing cabbage soup recipes look for ones that include other foods such mushrooms and cucumber. Also various other soups and soup powders can be included in a cabbage soup diet plan examples of such are shrimp bullion or fish soup. If needed cabbage soup can be spiced up with soy sauce and curry powder and even herbs such as cilantro, mint, thyme and rosemary can be used.

A good cabbage soup diet recipe is one that can sustain a dieters’ body through the cabbage soup diet. This is extremely important because several dieters using the cabbage soup diet have reported feeling light headed and dizzy.

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