Detox diet

Detox diet currently means any diet that is used to rid the body of toxic substances such as chemicals, artificial food coloring and preservatives.  Detox diets vary according to the organ that is being detoxified. For instance a lemon detox diet is useful when the liver has to be cleansed.  Detox diet for weight loss is also increasingly popular as it can in addition to rejuvenating the body also help people achieve long lasting weight loss within a short period of time. Even though there is no scientific basis for detox diets in general or any one particular detox diet, such diets have remained popular. As part of this type of diet, people can end up only consuming juice or water for a number of days or they can have a number of foods that are included in the detox diet plan. Some popular recipes used as part of detox diets are Cream less Spinach soup, Ginger healing tea and Gazpacho Soup.

Lemon Detox

Origin of Detox Diets

Detox diet probably originated several thousand years ago when it was widely believed by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians that humors when in imbalance could corrupt the body. Detox diets such as the lemon detox diet and the theories supporting them fell out of favor in the twentieth century. But since then the detox diet has been used by alternate medicine and its practitioners. Currently a detox diet can mean anything from physical cleaning of the colon with herbal laxatives, restriction of diet, or the use of herbs, vitamins or probiotics to help the body clean itself. A lemon detox diet is one example which uses Madal Bal tree syrup along with lemons and cayenne pepper and is considered to be a good detox diet for weight loss.


Dietary Principles Governing Detox Diets

Detox diet plans vary according to the diet that a person chooses. A full body detox diet plan often varies from plans that detox only one major organ such as kidneys, or liver. A detox diet for weight loss on the other hand is fashioned to both cleanse the body and promote weight loss.

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There are many examples of a detox diet for weight loss, one among which is the Fat Flush diet which has an exercise component that covers all phases:

  1. Phase One:  Designed to eliminate fats such as margarine and butter and thereby reduce water retention and weight.
  2. Phase Two: Daily calorie allowance is increased to an acceptable point and desired goal weight is reached.
  3. Phase Three: Maintenance of weight and introduction of gluten free grains and dairy products.

Cayenne peppers from the balcony garden

Benefits of a Detox diet for weight loss

Detox diet is increasingly being considered as a good weight loss option; because these diets such as lemon detox diet are usually fruit and water based and sometimes include a total fasting period of two days. Not surprisingly, as a consequence of going on detox diet plans people usually lose weight.

Detox diets such as the lemon detox diet have become popular because in addition to helping people lose weight and detoxify a specific organ, such diets also improve overall wellbeing, and provide better energy levels during the day. These diets have become so popular that a detox diet for weight loss if often used to complement the action of other more main stream diets.

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