Egg Diet and Egg Diet Plan

Egg diet although based on the principle of eating more proteins than carbohydrates, is still a fad diet. That said there are several versions of this diet and it is hard to pin down the correct one. This diet has become increasingly popular over the past few years; as it was rumoured that several Hollywood stars used the egg diet plan successfully and lost tons of weight. When on such a diet, eggs can be eaten in an omelette or simply hard boiled.



Origins of the Egg Diet

Egg diet on the whole is mired in urban folklore and people have no idea where this diet originated or the year of its origin. However, the egg diet plan is based on the fad diet theory that when on such a diet, the dieter would never feel hungry as he could eat any amount of eggs, while the intake of other foods are either restricted or allowed on certain days.

deviled eggs...with crumbled bacon


Egg Diet Plan

Egg diet allows a dieter to eat an unlimited amount of eggs per day:

  1. Under the egg diet plan, breakfast should include a minimum of two eggs along with protein such as bacon.
  2. Lean meat can also be consumed during lunch and dinner but eggs have to be a main part of these meals.
  3. Vegetables are allowed as part of this diet but only low carbohydrate ones.
  4. Cheese and other dairy products are also included as part of the egg diet.

rose bakery: scrambled eggs, asperagus, salsa verde, cheese scone

Health Benefits of the Egg Diet Plan

Egg diet in spite of the bad press that it, and its close cousin the Atkins plan has received, has continued to increase in popularity. This is chiefly because a diet such as this does not lack in nutrition and can be continued for a lengthy period of time. Some dieters have even reported that an egg diet can be used for several months and is a great tool for weight loss.

Poached Eggs

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