Fasting Diet and Fasting Diet Plan

Fasting diet is often used to clean the body and detoxify it. Although it might not be a practical, safe or scientific method of losing weight many people use these diets as weight loss tools. There are several forms of a fasting diet. Some only allow dieters to consume liquids such as juices and water. While others allow only allow certain types of food and cut out others, so that calories consumed per day are reduced dramatically. There are several examples of a fasting diet for example there is the juice diet, and the lemon detox diet.  Juice fasting diets have become a popular way for dieters to break a weight loss plateau. This has resulted in a number of ultra low calorie juice recipes becoming popular. Some of these are, Vegetable Juice Combo, Carrot-Vegetable Juice and Peach Juice.

Lemon Detox


Origin of Fasting Diets

Fasting diet was first used by various religions worldwide as a method to demonstrate piety and dedication. The fact that such a diet can cause dramatic weight loss is now being used by people worldwide, who have employed the basic principles of fasting to create a number of fasting diets.

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Overview of a Fasting Diet Plan

  1. Fasting diet can have many dangerous side effects. So first of all people using any form of this diet should ensure that they are well hydrated. This is because even though the body can do without food for an extended period of time, it cannot do without water and the kidneys shut down.
  2. Fasting diets such as the juice diet and the lemon detox diet only last for around ten days.

mango & kiwi juice


Health Benefits of Fasting Diets

Fasting diet does have some health benefits, as it gives the body respite from the daily task of digesting food. However, there is no evidence to back up the theory that a fasting diet can cleanse the body of toxins. A diet that relies heavily on fasting is not considered to be practical as weight lost during the diet plan is often regained once the diet is completed.

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