Fried Tofu and Fried Tofu Recipes

Fried tofu also known as Aburaage in Japanese is often used in dishes as it does not soak up sauces and become sticky. Also it can be easily created by frying all kinds of tofu, except the softest kind. Fried tofu recipes have probably been doing the round since the invention of tofu. These recipes are very popular currently because they are great methods of cooking tofu. Among varieties of this tofu, there is a special Japanese variety called Aburaage. Also made from soybeans it is made by frying and refrying tofu at two different temperatures and is very often eaten in miso soup.

炸豆腐 Deep Fried Tofu - Ten Ren Tea

Origin of Fried Tofu

Fried tofu traces its origins back to the period of the Han dynasty in China when tofu was supposedly created by a prince from soy milk. Since then it has been eaten in several neighboring countries such as Japan and Korea.  This fried method of cooking tofu has several advantages as it can be used to make various types of tofu crispy. For example, when stinky tofu is fried it described as extremely tasty and its crispy rind is a great favorite among tofu fans.

Stinky tofu

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Culinary Uses of Fried Tofu

Fried tofu can be used in various recipes and combined with a range of vegetables. Also it can be a great replacement for meat.

Fried tofu

Cuisines Using Fried Tofu Recipes

Fried tofu is found in many countries such as Japan and Korea and is even popular in the western hemisphere. In Japan Aburaage is often used in households as a wrap in some fried tofu recipes.

stinky tofu and pickled cabbage

Preferable Methods of Cooking Fried Tofu

Fried tofu when created as a result of deep frying is extra crispy and is a great favorite as its pores are full of air. It can be eaten with a light dipping sauce or it can be added to fried tofu recipes. When creating fried tofu for a dish it advisable to either deep fry the tofu or cook it on a non stick pan with little or no oil.

garlic deep-fried tofu

Popular Fried Tofu Recipes

Fried tofu when used as part of recipes can soak up a marinade and still retain its crunchiness. This crunchy nature of brings great flavor to recipes such as “luohan zhai”, also known as “Buddha’s delight.

Stir Fry II

Nutritional Value of Fried Tofu

Fried tofu has the same amount of calories present in either fresh or processed tofu. Fried tofu recipes and even Aburaage often contain seventy seven calories per ounce and are a good source of protein and iron.

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