Gastric bypass surgery diet

Gastric bypass surgery diet is vital for those going in for any type of gastric bypass surgery.  A strict gastric bypass diet has to be followed during the preoperative phase and preoperative phase. After the postoperative phase, gastric bypass patients have to follow a diet low in added sugars and high in protein. This gastric bypass surgery diet is often supplemented with vitamins and minerals such as calcium citrate, which these patients have to take daily for the rest of their lives.  A point to note here is that a gastric bypass diet varies according to the type of gastric bypass surgery performed as some surgeries cause more mal-absorption of food, in particular fats and fat soluble vitamins.

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Gastric bypass recipes that adhere to the gastric bypass surgery diet regulations are very popular among people who have had this weight loss surgery. As they have to eat mushy and liquid like foods for several weeks and therefore welcome any change in flavor. Some popular gastric bypass recipes and gastric bypass food include Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal, Slow Cooker Creamy Italian chicken, Beef and Mushroom Chili, Beef and Gravy and Sweet Potato Chicken Stew.

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Origin of the Gastric Bypass Diet

Gastric bypass surgery diet came into being sometime after the surgery was first performed in 1967 to treat morbid obesity. In the preoperative phase a gastric bypass surgery diet consisting of protein drinks, with a few vegetables and meat has to be followed so as to allow the liver to shrink and ensure a safe surgery. 

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After the gastric bypass operation, people have to go through four phases of a gastric bypass surgery diet which will take them through clear liquids, pureed food, semi solid food and finally into a solid food gastric bypass diet. Patients normally transition through these gastric bypass food phases in about 4-6 weeks.

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Diet plan of the Gastric Bypass Surgery Diet

  1. Gastric bypass surgery diet has to be followed throughout the life of the patient, as this is a non reversible procedure.
  2. Gastric bypass food has be low in natural sugar and added sugar as these patients often experience dumping syndrome after eating food with excess sugar.
  3. Also after the surgery the stomach is much smaller. So a gastric bypass surgery diet consisting of smaller portions of food has to be eaten and everything has to be chewed properly and eaten slowly.
  4. Gastric bypass food in addition to being low in sugar, have to be low fat.

These factors have to be kept in mind when creating gastric bypass recipes and a gastric bypass diet.

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Benefits of a Gastric Bypass Diet

Gastric bypass surgery diet provides several benefits for a person who had undergone this surgery but primarily it has to help the patient lose weight. The four phases of the gastric bypass diet helps the patient’s new stomach to adjust. The gastric bypass surgery diet is essential because without it many gastric bypass patients become seriously ill and some even develop leaks in their new stomach.

Gastric bypass food and gastric bypass recipes have to nourish the patient through their entire life and provide them with tasty food choices. Also gastric bypass recipes have to provide patients with 55-100 grams of protein per day. This is essential as protein prevents loss of muscle in the body as these patients lose weight.

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