Getting Pleats and Pleated Clothes to work for you!!

Apparel this summer just got a big dose of fun in the form of pleats that are all the rage. With major fashion labels to department stores jumping on the bandwagon and providing a diverse range of pleated dresses, skirts, pants and everything else in between. It is time to get some great pleated apparel into your wardrobe.


Nawal Gebreel 'Chevron Pleat' Opaque Wrap

Pleats are back with a bang!!

Pleats have been around for a long time and is one trend that has come back into prominence in the fashion world, and is currently rocking the spring/summer of 2011. So it is time to check how pleats have made a comeback and exactly how they can help you look trendy, sexy and feminine. Pleats this season are versatile appearing on everything from miniskirts to flowing long dresses. So even if you are worried that pleats are going to make you look bulky rest assured that there are a number of choices in pleated clothing and these are suitable for any body type. With pleats in various hues such as pale blue, lemony yellow and with bold prints you just need to pick the right ones and you are on your way to looking fashionable and feeling comfortable this summer.

1950's Carol Brent Holiday Dress

The inherent strengths of pleats

First let’s look at the strengths that pleats have, namely that they are great when you need a feminine edge to your clothes. This is useful because when you have a plain top with very little detail throwing a short pleated skirt into the mix will result in an outfit with a flirty and fun feel. Especially, for the naturally super skinny pleated fabrics are a blessing in disguise as they can pull of long pleated skirts or dresses, and here pleats can be used throughout the length of the dress.

Pleated leather dress - walking - Lisa Ho

Partying with Pleats

If you need to party then pleated dresses can be just what you need to get a sexy edge. With pleated mini and party dresses available for various body shapes you can get great ones with wonderfully rich colors. While others have muted pastel colors and are tailored to enhance the great figures that many women have. Among party dresses minis rule as they can matched with a number of fierce footwear such as gladiator sandals to ordinary platform pumps.

Nawal Gebreel 'Chevron Pleat' Wrap

Pleated clothing in your wardrobe for work

If you are wondering if all the fun with pleats if reserved for party goers, then take heart as there are many fun and happening pleated tops with different types of pleats, which you can incorporate in your normal office wear. You do not even have to overhaul your entire office wardrobe here, instead you can just match an existing pant with a pleated top, and yes there are many so you will not have any difficulty doing so.
Pleats can be the very thing you need if you want to spice up summer days at the beach or at your neighborhood barbecue at minimum cost. Since they are in fashion you can get a number of pleated dresses, tops, and min skirts with floral prints from many chain stores at discount prices. Fancy adding a little sheen to your wardrobe then you can go with metallic tinted pleated miniskirts or ones that are a little longer.

Nawal Gebreel 'Nez Pleat' wrap

Classic and Chic Pleated Evening Gowns

Glamorous evening gowns or ball gowns can have pleats of many shapes and sizes, and this seasons’ fashion proves it. You can opt to go with a graceful pleated floor length dress and glam it up with bold accessories to give it a sophisticated look and feel. There are many such dresses available in stores that can help you do just this. They come in a variety of colors such a basic black, rich burgundy or slate grey and when combined with the right accessories these pleated dresses can be sophisticated and make you stand out in a crowd.

Nawal Gebreel Valvet 'Bird Pleat' Scarf

Tadashi Dark Champagne Dress

Last but definitely not the least, it is important to mention that pleated clothes this season proves that you can have the latest fashion irrespective of your body type or dress size.

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