Gingery flavor is widely enjoyed because it can give various foods, beverages and pickles a distinct and almost pungent kick.  This flavor is derived by crushing or using ginger whole. Ginger is commonly used in many cuisines, and is the principle ingredient in gingery food.  Ginger drinks or ginger based recipes are so popular, that there are mass produced varieties of gingery flavored ale and beer. Among gingery food ginger cookies, spekuloos spread made from gingerbread cookies, duck and ginger pork soup and Vietnamese ginger chicken wings are worthy of mention.

Fresh Ginger


Historical Facts about Gingery Food

Gingery flavored food can be traced back the Roman Empire when it was very popular. After the decline of the Roman Empire this flavor was almost forgotten and was rediscovered when Marco Polo made his trips to the east. Since then this flavor has been popularized in various foods such as gingerbread, ginger snaps and ginger preserves.

Mum's Ginger 5-Spice Grilled Chicken Wings

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Popular Gingery Recipes

Gingery flavored dishes are sometimes subtle, but at other times they can assault the taste buds when ginger has been used in excess.  This flavor has been used to reinvent modern recipes and create gingery food. In these recipes several types of ginger are used to produce dishes such as gingery hot duck salad and gingery cauliflower soup. When mango is combined with ginger it can resulted in a great ginger hot sauce which can be used to dress vegetables.

Ginger Ale

Ginger drinks are extremely popular among all ages, some of these are ginger tea and ginger wine, both of which are considered to be good for digestion. Among various ginger products is ginger root oil, which has a gingery taste and fragrance, and is often used in recipes to tenderize meat while cooking.

Ginger Beef

Spicy fried King Prawns

Health Implications of Gingery Food and Medicines

Gingery flavored drinks such as ginger tea are known to have good antiemetic properties. As ginger tea has few known side effects it is often used to treat nausea experienced by pregnant women. This has also resulted in several ginger based concoctions being sold as nutritional supplements in the United States.

Folk medicine created from various types of medicinal ginger has been used in many countries for hundreds of years. In Asian countries like Burma this type of medicine is often used to prevent flu, while in Philippines it is used as a remedy for sore throat.

Gingery food is considered to be easy to digest, so much so even when small quantities of ginger are added in recipes it is believed to be beneficial.

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