Grape Fruit Diet

Grape fruit diet, another one of the so called “fad diets” has been around for several decades, and usually lasts between 10-12 days.  The specifics of the grape fruit diet plan are hazy but it involves eating and drinking a lot of grape fruit and grape fruit juice. The concept of the grape fruit diet is based on the theory that grape fruit has a fat burning enzyme and hence it aids weight loss. While on the grape fruit diet many people find it helpful to have popular recipes that include this fruit in large quantities, examples of such recipes are Grapefruit Key Lime Pie, Blueberry Yogurt Pancakes, Grapefruit Delight, Ruby Red Grapefruit Slush and Chicken and Grapefruit salad. These recipes are useful as people using the grapefruit diet menu have to consume large amounts of grape fruit and can soon lose interest in it

Origin of the Grape Fruit Diet plan

Grape fruit diet originating in the 1930s, it was spread by photocopying the diet and passing it around, and hence is one of the Xeroxlore diets. Some people refer to the grape fruit diet as the Mayo Clinic Diet although there is no concrete evidence tying this diet to the Mayo Clinic.

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The Grape Fruit Diet Plan

  1. Grape fruit diet usually extends over twelve days.
  2. As part of the grapefruit diet menu, dieters have to eat about half a grape fruit with each meal and reduce the other food eaten in the meal, thereby reducing calorie intake for the entire day.
  3. During the grape fruit diet plan dieters are urged to limit their consumption of vegetables and fruits.
  4. However, they are encouraged to consume any type of meat and fish in unlimited quantities. Some versions of the grape fruit diet encourage exercise while others don’t, further proof that this diet has no specific rules.
  5. As part of the grapefruit diet menu, people are encouraged to drink large amounts of water, and black coffee. Also meat such as bacon, beef and fish can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  6. Dieters who choose the grape fruit diet can only use this diet for 12 days. If they want to continue on grape fruit diet plan after 12 days, they have to take a break of two days and then get back on the diet.

Health Benefits of the Grapefruit Diet Menu

Grape fruit diet does not guarantee long term weight loss, but is a good option if people want to lose weight fast. Using the grape fruit diet plan, dieters expect to lose about 10 pounds in ten days but this is unrealistic and potentially dangerous. However, very few people stick to the grapefruit diet menu for 12 days or even continue further. This is because the grape fruit diet plan cannot be used for long periods of time as it is monotonous and offers very few food options. In fact as part of grapefruit diet menu, food options are varieties of meat, a few vegetables and fruits such as broccoli, apples and pears. Dairy products are also limited and snacks are only permitted after dinner.


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Several studies have shown that grape fruit when included as part of a healthy diet and not just a grape fruit diet can result in weight loss of 3-4 pounds in 12 weeks.  Also grape fruit has several beneficial properties, namely it lowers insulin levels, and curbs appetite by helping people feel full for longer periods of time.

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