Life Choice Diet

Dr. Dean Ornish

Life choice diet is a completely vegetarian diet and is specially formulated to help people reverse the signs of heart disease or prevent it completely. Therefore, two forms of this diet exist the “reversal diet” which is primarily designed for people who have high cholesterol or the beginning signs of heart disease, and the “prevention diet” which is designed for healthy people. This diet has been adopted by many people and some popular recipes include, Cranberry Raspberry Smoothie, Pasta with Tomato & Basil and Garlic sauce, Caesar salad with homemade croutons, Jean-Marc Oven Fries and strawberry and banana stuffed French toast.

Smoothie and Crystal

A mound of raspberries


Origin of the Life Choice Diet

Life choice diet was created by Dr. Dean Ornish and he designed it so that people could make changes in their eating, lifestyle and also handle stress better.

旦那クッキング - mozzarella and basil with tomato sauce


Dietary Plan of the Life Choice Diet

  1. Life choice diet in its reversal form is used to reverse the signs of heart disease, and so only allows for 10% fat in the daily diet.
  2. People not on the reversal diet can have more fat included in their diet but amounts are severely limited.
  3. When using the life choice diet people get to eat whole grains, vegetables and fruits and non fat dairy products.

Small Caesar Salad at Kapp's Pizza Bar & Grill

reid's french toast with walnuts and bananas

Health Benefits of the Life Choice Diet

Life choice diet can help reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure as people cannot eat any red meat or even lean meat. Also since fat content in food is kept to a minimum this diet is beneficial for people who have been diagnosed with heart disease.

Stuffed French Toast (Ear Wax Cafe)

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