Macrobiotic diet and the Macrobiotic Diet Plan

Macrobiotic diet and macrobiotic diet recipes are centered on the use of grains, vegetables and beans and therefore macrobiotic diets do not allow processed foods such as refined flour. Additionally, people who adhere to the macrobiotic diet need to chew their food slowly and thoroughly before swallowing it. This diet is sometimes presented as a cure for cancer and some use it as a method to prevent cancer. Therefore, macrobiotic diet plan has become quite popular with people with cancer and those who want to prevent the occurrence of cancer. Several popular macrobiotic diet recipes are available and these recipes often vary according to the season, because the macrobiotic diet varies according to the seasons in the year. Some popular macrobiotic diet recipes are Polenta with fresh Corn, Poached Pears in Lemon Sauce, Herbed Black Soybeans, fish filets with Mustard and Seitan Steaks with Garlic Mushroom Basil Sauce.

macrobiotic dish brown rice kale brocoli

tofu & vege burger

Origin of the Macrobiotic Diet

Macrobiotic diet originated when George Ohsawa popularized a diet which he credited for helping him recover from tuberculosis. He was treated by Sagen Ishizuka during this period, and he recommended that Ohsawa follow a diet rich in natural food that was in season. This diet came to be known as the macrobiotic diet after a period of time, and George Ohsawa’s wife Lima wrote several books on macrobiotic diets and the macrobiotic diet plan.  The macrobiotic diet originated from Japan, but the principles governing this diet and macrobiotic diet recipes spread to the United States after the Second World War. This diet therefore has a strong Japanese influence in it, and several Japanese ingredients are included. Also the Japanese origin of the macrobiotic diet has caused it to be heavily vegetarian although some fish is allowed.



Black Soybeans

Macrobiotic Diet Plan

Macrobiotic diet and the macrobiotic diet plan have to follow certain principles to be effective

  1. Macrobiotic diets in addition to containing whole foods need to maintain the balance of potassium and sodium in the body. This is an important principle of the macrobiotic diet, as some foods such as refined flour and commercial milk are believed to over stimulate the body and thereby exhaust it.
  2. On the other hand when a macrobiotic diet plan is formulated according to season, age and activity level it creates balance in the body.
  3. As part of the macrobiotic diet plan, spring and summer are the time to eat lighter quality foods such as grains, fresh greens and summer pumpkins.
  4. While during autumn and winter heavier food such millet, fried rice and root vegetables are recommended.


Seitan steak with spinach / Filetes de seitán con espinacas

Health Benefits of the Macrobiotic Diet Plan

Macrobiotic diet does provide several health benefits, and this has helped make many macrobiotic diets and macrobiotic diet recipes popular. Studies have shown that cancer patients on macrobiotic diets live longer. These findings are contested by the medical community who believe that the studies were flawed and hence cannot be trusted.  Also the founders of the macrobiotic diet believed that dairy products trap tar from cigarettes in the body and can cause lung cancer. This belief has caused several people to criticize this diet as being ridiculous, as the connection between cigarettes and lung cancer has already been established.


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